May Additional Celebration

The beauty of a blog is having the opportunity to share life events with my readers. Three years ago, we shared the birth of our first granddaughter, July, who was living in Omaha at the time. Almost two years ago her parents made a decision to move back to the Des Moines metro. We have been so blessed to have them closer. This week my husband and I had the privilege of caring for July while her baby sister was entering the world.

We found many things to keep July busy and distracted while her parents were away, and the storms were passing through. Yesterday we had the opportunity to take July, the big sister, to meet Vienna. July was excited to see all of them and hold her sister for the first time. A few minutes later she was busy moving her mom’s hospital bed up and down and asking questions about the different buttons in the room. Our daughter and granddaughter are doing great. Vienna is 8 lbs 10 oz, 20 inches long, and has lots of dark black hair. We are excited to be able to watch the two sisters grow and experience life together. I hope everyone is safe after the strong winds and tornados that passed through Iowa last night. It is times like this that we realize what is important.