Holiday Blessings

Thanksgiving 2016 has come and gone. This time of year is always a great time of reflection for me on all the blessings in my life. Of course those blessings always include family and friends that surround me each day and give me purpose in my life. The simple fact that I have a job which supports our family and allows me to practice close to home is something incredible to be thankful for. Dr. Jim Pottebaum and our staff of Stephanie, Mary, Ann, Kristal, Jessica, and Kaylee help me be the best vet I can be. I often forget to express to them how grateful I am for all they contribute to my daily happiness.

This year brought about a lot of reflection for me and I found myself thinking about clients and patients that I feel are blessings to me every day at Winterset Veterinary Center. Each and every day of work is unique and challenging because of those cases that come through our doors. The career of veterinary medicine doesn’t allow me to ever become bored with what I do each day.

The emotional changes that I feel in a typical day at work range from joy at holding a new puppy or kitten and feeling the warmth of their tongue on my face and smelling that sweet baby breath. To deep despair, as I enter the room with a long time client knowing that today is the last day I will be looking into those loving, trusting pet’s eyes. Of course, there are those pets that despise me long before I even get close to them. I sympathize with their owners knowing how stressful it must be for them to bring their pets to see me. I try to reassure them that it is not their fault when their pet misbehaves in the clinic. Changes in a pet’s routine are a challenge for many and how they respond is as varied as the breeds we see each day. As I reflect on this past year, I can recall cases that brought me to tears at the unexpected loss of a pet, or the joy of seeing a pet that recovered against all odds, or the relief knowing that I had saved that pet from certain death, had I not stepped in at that exact moment. None of these experiences are more important than the other, but each of them has made me a better person and veterinarian. I thank our clients for entrusting their family pets to our care.

dog-1087539_640So as we reflect back on our Thanksgivings, we also look forward to the biggest giving season of the year, Christmas. The Winterset Veterinarians are collecting donations to help feed the hungry pets in Madison County. Many families struggle during this time of year to provide for their families, say nothing about feeding their pets. The Multi-Purpose Center gladly accepts donations as will each of the veterinary offices in Winterset. A small bag of food or cat litter or a few toys can mean a better Christmas not only for those families but also their pets. If we all do our part in giving of our resources to those less fortunate it can make a huge impact. Please consider donating today and brighten the days that lead up to the most joyous time of the year.

May you all have a very blessed Holiday Season and as we look towards 2017 may we always find the good in everyone we encounter and remember to be thankful.